Windsor Castle

The bummer of trying to sight see during January is that the weather can be, quite frankly, horrible. On our last full day in London we woke to a cold rainy day. Between that and a strict ‘no photos’ rule inside Windsor Castle I didn’t take many photos!

We kicked off the day with breakfast on a boat…one of my favorites the Waterside Cafe in Little Venice!

Followed by the best almond milk cappuccino I’ve had thanks to Beany Green along the canal.

We took the train from Paddington to Windsor, about an hour journey with one train change. It was miserable outside but a fascinating tour inside this royal residence. One of my favorite parts of our tour was speaking to one of the guides about what it’s like inside the castle when it isn’t open to the public and the Royal family is in residence. It’s remarkable imagining the Queen walking around the same rooms you are standing in; of course she wouldn’t be restricted by a rope barrier!

We had our Sunday roast across the street from the castle at the Duchess of Cambridge Pub. The inside is decorated with Union Jack bunting, inspired by the Royal Wedding, and is just adorable! I confirmed with our waitress that Duchess Kate has not been in to visit (yet).

I’m so glad to have visited Windsor during my time living in London! Back when I studied here in 2007 my friends came to see the castle on a weekend I was visiting a friend in Vienna and it’s been on my to-see list ever since.

Windsor is located in the county of Berkshire and easily accessible via train from Central London.

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