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Over by Liverpool Street Station and up amongst the clouds (on the 40th floor) is Duck & Waffle, a 24/7 restaurant that has had London abuzz for years. I’ve read countless blog posts about the restaurant and heard about late night dining from my co-workers after the Christmas party this year. Naturally it was the ideal choice for dinner on Meg’s last night in London!

Cocktails to start: I ordered the Roasted Cosmo 2.0 which the website describes as: Grey Goose Le Citron vodka, orange liqueur, rosemary hydrosol, bone marrow infusion, cranberry & cacao. This was good, but forgettable. The sprig of rosemary was also a bit odd; I just laid it on the table.

We shared (obviously) and ordered tons to eat (also obviously). Overall everything was prepared wonderfully and was delicious!

Crispy pig ears served in a tear-away brown paper bag. A nice starter that felt obligatory to order but I wouldn’t get this again.

Cheesy bread; how could you go wrong with this? Yum.

Bacon wrapped dates. Another no brainer!

Baked haddock with lobster cream and Parmesan crumble.

The pork belly meatball with cranberries.

Sprouts, quite possibly my favorite dish!

Wild mushrooms with a fried duck egg and sprouts.

And of course the namesake, the duck and waffle. The sweet and salty combo is amazing!

The homemade biscuits were beautifully presented (not to mention yummy). And my after-dinner cappuccino hit the spot!

The atmosphere of Duck & Waffle is extremely unique. It’s worth a visit just to experience the lifts to the 40th floor and the views of London. The service was just fine and I think the prices are valid for a more upscale restaurant. It isn’t an every day place to go but perfect for when you need something a bit special.

Since we were on a tight schedule we made a reservation ages in advance (read: before I even left for London). Play it safe with a reservation through the website or dine at an off time. As they are open 24 hours there are no opening/closing times to worry about when planning your visit!

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