Guest Post: Wimbledon and The Tower of London

The day of Duck & Waffle I had to head back to work, but Meg and Steph had a lovely day in London. Today I’m passing over the blog to Steph to tell you all about their adventures!

Hi! Stephanie here. Logan has been recapping our trip to visit across the pond to Jolly Ole England. We nerded out at Harry Potter Studios, caught a show on NYE, ventured to Bath and tried to visit the Queen. And after five days packed together, Logan had to go to back to work (le sigh). So, Meg and I ventured across London by ourselves. Our first stop, The All England Lawn Tennis Club aka Wimbledon.

Meg is a huge tennis fan and watches the tournament every year. I’m basically just a fan of the 2004 movie starring Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst (go watch it now if you haven’t; I’ll wait). However, the tour and museum were fascinating. The tour was about an hour. We saw the courts and press area.

Our tour guide was not only adorable, but quite knowledgeable about the tennis club and tournament. I was especially interested in the ticketing process. Hopefuls enter their name in a lottery months in advance. If chosen, you receive a day, court and seats for the number of tickets. They can be accepted or declined. That is your one offer. Crazy! Also, strawberries and cream is the thing during the tournament. The club goes through thousands of pounds during the week. Who knew?

It was also our first sunny day, which made for a beautiful walk around the grounds. They were spectacular. I wish I could see them when the flowers are in bloom.

Helpful Tips:

  • Tickets are £24 and can be purchased online on their website.
  • Read the directions prior to getting on the train to Wimbledon. There are three possible tube stops to get off at, all within walking distance to Gate 4 and the museum entrance. There is also a bus that picks up/drops off at the gate.
  • The Wingfield Cafe at the Gate 4 entrance had a yummy lunch. It was reasonably priced and quick.  

After lunch, we hopped back on the tube to Central London to visit The Tower of London. We arrived just in time for the last tour. Our beefeater’s name was Clive and he was hilarious.

A few days earlier we read a short essay by a beefeater as his wife in this book. Did you know they live in the Tower of London? I didn’t. This fascinates me. So naturally, I had a lot of questions for Clive after tour. In case you were wondering, they do not have a curfew despite The Tower being locked down each evening. I forgot to ask if they can have dogs. Next time!

After the tour we saw The Crown Jewels, which were gorgeous and one of my favorite things I saw in London. We were a bit rushed for time, but got to explore the White Tower. We also fit in some selfies with the Tower Bridge.

Overall, a wonderful last day for Meg before heading home.

Helpful Tips:

  • Don’t miss the guided tour. It’s informative and funny.
  • I would devote 2-3 hours for the grounds. There is a lot to see, but if pressed for time the two must-dos are the tour and seeing The Crown Jewels.
  • The gift shop was quite large and had quite a great selection of goodies. It was also packed. Be warned. It’s outside the gates, so you can stop by without going to The Tower.

Stephanie is twenty-something gal. When she’s not trying new restaurants in Chicago, she’s exploring a new city or kayaking at her lakehouse. She’s an avid reader, podcast listener and foodie. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @stephaniehermes.

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