Officially Spring!

London has been gorgeous the last few weeks. Still a bit nippy but the sun has been shining and the days are becoming longer. Here’s a slew of pictures from London life!

Duck eggs have been a staple in my fridge lately; they are slightly larger than chicken eggs and a bit more decadent.

It’s still chilly but bright lips and statement necklaces help take on the day!

I’ve been working on the same client for a few weeks and most days entail an afternoon cuppa. I think I’ve finally perfected the art of a cup of British tea!

At the end of February I spent a day in Notting Hill with one of my old dance friends Rachael who was in town for the weekend! We queued for a delicious brunch at Granger & Co, now on the top of my favorite restaurants of London list.

Afterwards we enjoyed a gorgeous day in London with a walk through Notting Hill and Kensington.

I saw ‘Hail Caesar’ at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, a super swanky cinema! The film was a bit eh but how can you beat comfy chairs and footstools?

Trying to get into the Snapchat game since most days it’s an afterthought! 

Brunching with Gail.

Last weekend started with a brisk walk through Kensington on the way to the Royal Albert Hall.

I went for a tour in the morning which was spectacular!

The Royal box…

…and the staircase that the royals use to enter (as well as the Queen’s private loo in the corner!)

I popped into the V&A for some culture and a scone (but of course).

Then back to the Royal Albert Hall to see the orchestra play live along with “Raiders of the Lost Ark”!

I absolutely loved this. “Raiders” is one of my favorite films and the talent of the orchestra was just beyond!

Afterwards I took a walk through Hyde Park before heading home. Oh London life!

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