Buckingham Palace Tour

Steph and I LOVE the Royals. It therefore seemed fitting that we should include a tour of Buckingham Palace in our time in London!

The palace is open each year from the end of July through October when the Queen is not in residence. Visitors can tour the state rooms amidst large crowds and many velvet ropes blocking off areas.

But Buckingham also opens its doors for exclusive guided tours, when it is usually not open to the public. The tour offers a much more in depth look inside, including many tidbits about life at the palace and the chance to get a little bit more behind the scenes. The tour ends with a glass of champagne in the Grand Entrance and includes a guide book of the palace.

Steph had the brilliant idea to write about our tour in the book! I now have the best souvenir with notes from our experience and all the fun little things we learned.

Pictures are not allowed at any point during the tour but Steph and I got a little sneaky in the loos.

The hands down most amazing part of the tour is the end. You are escorted out the front entrance by a guard! Through the courtyard, with a glance up at THE balcony, and out the front gates. How amazing is that?!

Steph and I were just giddy after our tour. It was truly a unique and amazing experience and the perfect end to her visit.

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