Paris In Winter

Throwback to Paris! At the end of January I took a very quick trip to Paris with two of my coworkers Tracy and Jen. We met at St. Pancreas and were off on the Eurostar!

Unfortunately we encountered a delay en route; the train in front of us had a mechanical issue and we were stopped for almost three hours.

Jen and me before the dreaded delay.
Jen and me before the dreaded delay.

We had a lot to chat about and the time went by somewhat quickly, but we arrived in Paris at 6pm and missed the shopping we had planned to do Saturday afternoon. Eurostar were stars about the delay, refunding us our ticket price for the journey to Paris and letting us push back our return to London the following day for a bit more time.

We dropped off our bags at our airbnb near Notre Dame and walked through the Marais area to a restaurant recommended by Tracy’s friend: Chez Robert et Louise.

This was absolutely amazing! Tucked away on a quiet little street this quaint restaurant just oozes French. The tables are squeezed together and there is a area downstairs as well, however I highly recommend booking the window table.

I had to get escargot and it did not disappoint! Garlicky and buttery, yum yum.

Then our main courses arrived and oh my gosh. This duck. Shut the front door, this is absolutely on the list of the best meals I have ever had. Duck confit that just melts in your mouth, with scrumptious green beans and roasted potatoes.

We lingered over a round of coffees, saying for the first few times of many over the weekend how amazing our meal was.

After dinner we fancied a bit of a walk to digest from our spectacular dinner. We walked through Marais and up to Montmartre to see the Moulin Rouge!

This has been something to see on my bucket list for years upon years….pretty much since the film Moulin Rouge.

Spectacular, spectacular indeed!

Close by (up many, many steps) is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris….otherwise referred to as Sacre Coeur. It’s at the summit of Montmartre and provides breathtaking views of the city. It was late when we visited and there was the most wonderful hush over the area; it really was a moment during our trip that I will cherish.

When in Paris you get crepes. We stopped at a cafe close by Sacre Couer. Over live music (we of course requested Edith Piaf) we enjoyed our treats. Banana and nutella for me; no brainer choice!

We took the Metro home and tucked in for a very short night sleep!

On Sunday morning we happened upon a cafe close by our abode called Cafe Saint-Regis. It was a complete impulse stop in search for breakfast and turned out to be absolutely wonderful!

Cappuccino, fresh orange juice and a pain au chocolat.

Toast, assorted jams and butter, and an egg with soldiers.

Another restaurant, another table by the window! This was a perfect start to the day before we headed out to explore!

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