Paris in Winter (Part Deux)

After breakfast we walked west along the Seine, admiring Notre Dame and all the beautiful architecture. It was a bit rainy and grey but we were in Paris!!!

My lovely travel companions obliged a request of mine to visit the Musee d’Orsay. When I visited Paris in 2007 with my parents this was a stand out museum for all of us. The focus on impressionism and the breathtaking interior of this former train station make it a must in my book. The train station closed in 1939 when its platforms became too small for the new longer trains. It reopened in 1986 as a museum and is located in the sixth arrondissement of Paris.

Afterwards we walked along the Seine back towards our flat. This was a surprising favorite moment of mine from the trip. It was very enjoyable just to walk along the cobble stoned path and soak in the Parisian vibes. 

We stopped in at Shakespeare and Company, a legendary English bookshop, and had a tasty lunch before grabbing our bags and heading back to Gare du Nord to catch our Eurostar to London.

I was pleasantly surprised just how much I loved Paris despite it being such a short trip. I enjoyed the city the first time I visited but a combination of a metro strike, the weather and being sick meant it was never a stand out spot for me. This time around I felt more connected to the culture and simply just loved it! So much so that I returned with Jen and Tracy earlier this month….but that’s a tale for another post!

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