Thanksgiving is upon us! Really it’s now passed, I’m just pushing ‘publish’ a little late….

Being out of the country last year around the holidays was….an experience. I am finding that now a year later being home and able to live out the holidays as I did growing up means so much to me. As we are now entering the official start of the Christmas season, it’s the little things that get me. The start of Christmas songs on the radio, the Thanksgiving issue of ‘Real Simple’, unpacking my decorations, recipes with apple and squash and all the lovely fall tastes. I’m trying to not take anything for granted.

Last week at Mazi my instructor said something fantastic at the start of class. “I am so thankful to be surrounded by women dedicated to their health and happiness”. How amazing is that?! It inspired me, along with the upcoming holiday, to think about what I am thankful for: my parents, my friends, my fit fam, my health. It’s easy to wallow in the things we don’t have. The thing I loved most about Thanksgiving this year was the reflections I’ve been having on how beautiful life is.

Go out and love your life this week!

Logan xxx

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