Friday Favorites

What I’m loving lately:

1. Sigma Makeup Brush Cleaning Mitt

Thanks to Fleur de Force’s beauty vlog, I became obsessed last year with the idea of using a cleaning mat for my makeup brushes. But because I was abroad I (tortuously) waited to get home before ordering. Fleur praises the mat; I decided to order the mitt for an even easier clean. This is GAME CHANGING. The textures on the mitt deep cleanse your brushes so much better than the back of your hand. I mix Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (the peppermint is my favorite) with a bit of microwaved coconut oil (read: liquid form) then dilute the mix heavily with warm water. DIp your brush in the soap then follow the directions printed on the mitt to wash, rinse and refine before setting the brushes on a paper towel to dry.

I’ve been following this routine over the last 6 months and am a huge fan of cleaning my makeup brushes this way. I try to wash them every two weeks and spray with a makeup cleaner from Sephora in between washes!

2. Whole 30

Most people have heard of this food plan, but if you are unfamiliar it’s an eating program for 30 days consisting of eliminating a number of items commonly in meals. I would never call Whole 30 a diet, as the objective is not to lose weight. It’s about cleansing your body by eliminating items believed to be hazardous to you. The book “It Starts With Food” is an amazing read on the science behind why these foods are not ideal.

I’m currently following Whole 30 through the end of the month. It’s a challenge to plan and prep food, but the benefits are absolutely worth it!

3. Mahalo

My fitness sista Lesley I swear was a Hawaiian goddess in a former life. She always has island vibes about her and just emulates the ‘Aloha’ life. She introduced me to this restaurant slash oasis in Wicker Park and I’m beyond obsessed. I’ve been on a few occasions for both brunch and dinner and it always delivers delicious and beautiful food.

Happy Friday!

Logan xxx

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