What Happened

Saturday morning my parents drove me to the condo. I sent some stuff back with them and they left. Kevin made us a delicious lunch, we napped, I made us tea (Kevin was holding my belt for safety but I did it all), I lit one of my candles, we Zoomed with friends in Philly and Vegas, we ordered dinner from our favorite place, sat out on our deck, then watched Jojo Rabbit. It really was a lovely day, and I was in our home.

I woke up in the early morning and realized Kevin wasn’t next to me. At 3:11 he came in and said “everything’s ok but it’s getting scary out and we need to leave”. I then listened to him call my dad. We got dressed, Kevin packed some stuff and we drove out to my parents at 4am. We were exhausted but safe.

Hamilton is getting me through this all.

A Walgreens down the street from us got broken into. I really hope they don’t start messing with residential but it’s just stuff. Kevin’s staying out here for a few days. I’ve checked in with all my friends and everyone is ok.

I don’t want to discuss it in detail. I moved to Chicago when I was 24. The news is like a knife to the heart; every place they mention I know exactly where that is. I love my city and I’m just devastated.

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