Obsessed 6.12.20

1. Music League

I’m doing this fun activity with my sorority sisters called Music League and I’m obsessed. Music League allows you and your friends to participate in a little friendly competition while also sharing your love for music.

Here is how it works:
• Someone starts up a league for your friends, family, etc.
• Every week, you are presented with a new theme for a playlist (e.g. road trip jams, beach BOPS, workout songs, etc.)
• Each individuals in your league submits one song that they think will be the best song on the playlist
• After all the submissions are received, each individual will then casts a vote for their favorite song on the playlist
• Winner gets bragging rights

What I love most about this is that you can play with family and friends that are located all over the world. All anyone needs to have is a Spotify account (the free version totally works). It’s a really fun and easy way to connect with friends.

2. Virtual Events

A couple weeks ago I attended a virtual breakfast with the apes through Lincoln Park Zoo. They videoed the apes, it was $15 but all that is for a worthy cause, and I got to eat while watching with my mom and Kevin.

Then later in the week I watched a free, 1 hour Hubbard Street dance show. My friend Lindsey watched too, and we texted the whole time. I was sitting in our recliner, all cozy.

I LOVE that you can connect even though we have to social distance.

I’ll be on the lookout for events in June; I’m obsessed!

3. Normal People on Hulu

We read this book for book club in November and it was meh.

But the show? SO good.

Normal People is so much better than the book, but Connell was walking in a place I walked everyday (my flat was right by Trinity) and in another scene Maryann is sitting in a spot I sat with Kevin for over an hour. It was hard.

Still, so good and I’m obsessed. It’s only 12 half hour episodes. It took me 3 episodes to get into it then I was hooked.

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