I’m totally NOT political. I hate debating politics, even with loved ones, and I despise watching the news.

Sorry NOT sorry.

I do however have strong views and I’m really liberal. I’m fiercely pro-choice, so into women rights, and really for gay marriage. I love President Obama and have always voted Democratic. I’m a proud, passionate American woman. When I feel like my country is being ruined I get VERY angry. And there’s nothing like a pissed off woman; we get even. I remember being on a cruise in September 2016 and trapped in a van on an exertion with a pro-Trumpster running their mouth. It was horrible.

I had to be in Milwaukee for work during the election in 2016 and it was hell. I remember lying in bed and seeing on my phone on CNN it was officially Tump. I called my mom sobbing the morning after he won. Honestly, shame on you if you didn’t vote in 2016. Or you voted for this asshole. There’s no good excuse to not vote. There’s this awesome thing called an absentee ballot. Or early voting. Are you registered? November will be here before you know it. Click here. When I was in the hospital my mom said I was so upset I couldn’t vote. That really makes me smile.

I was at the same client in January when he was sworn in; I watched the coverage on my laptop with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t wait to get back to my home.

This was the weekend after he was sworn in. I love my city.

I’m going to be really blunt; if you are pro-Trump you’re an idiot. There’s Republican, Democrat, and then supporting this dummy. I have memories of being at work, walking into our kitchen and thinking our TV was playing a reality show. Nope; the news. This man does despicable, unbelievable things and somehow gets away with it. We need to end this.

Let’s get this imbecile out of office.

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