Recovery Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts on my brain tumor, my TBI and my recovery. While I don’t want it to define me it’s now a big part of who I am and has totally changed my life. I’m sure I’ll keep sharing what I’m feeling here.

My brain tumor; it came in like a wrecking ball.

I was hit recently with a wave of “why did this happen to me?”. I let myself ponder what life would be like without this going on.

I hate the gait belt. I have to wear it for safety, but it comes off any chance I get. We’re starting to move around the house sans gait belt. My motto? Gait belts are for suckers!

This social distancing is tough. Everyone keeps saying “oh nothing’s changed for you” but I was going out in the community a lot. And it’s really tough just not being able to kiss Kevin; recently I held up a tissue so we could kiss.

I’m scared that now it’s getting warm people will crave what they know and make dumb decisions.

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