I’m not asking for sympathy here.

Just imagine you cannot pursue big life things. You can have them, but not now.

You have the feeling of life passing you by.

I see so many friends get married, have babies. I’m so happy for them. It’s sad though too, selfishly.

I’ve struggled a lot with depression during this recovery. I had to take a break from therapy, then the pandemic happened right when I was ready to go back.

My therapist had to evaluate my suicide risk and my psychologist had to up my meds. Last spring, I was still figuring out what happened and because of an episode at therapy had to go to the ER; thankfully I was not admitted.

 I woke up so many days thinking “I want to die” and I made peace to not have what I loved anymore (shows, books etc.). What got me through though was thinking how my death would affect the people I love.

I’m choosing to share this in hopes that you know you’re never alone; it’ll get better even though it seems dark now. You are loved and SO enough.

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

5 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. Thanks for being real, open and honest. As someone almost 40 and with a son and marriage, I can’t imagine if I didn’t already have that how different I might feel going through a TBI and not having those dreams yet. I can relate still though as there is lots I wanted to do in life and career that now is not possible. It’s a hard road. I just really try to surround myself with positive people, people who understand me and practice gratitude daily to try to help me feel happy and grateful. It’s so hard though, I get it. Thanks for being vulnerable and honest. Always here if you need an ear for someone to listen who understands. I had my psych zoom visit today and regularly having those appointments has also been critical for me every 3 weeks and some months way more often 💚

      1. You got this, you have done such hard things and you can keep doing them and someday you will find purpose in all this mess 💚

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