Obsessed 7.3.20

  1. Chomps

I’m obsessed with these meat sticks. Get them online or at Trader Joe’s, they’re Whole 30 compliant and so yummy. I loved these pre-surgery and was so excited when we ordered some. I wanted a snack for therapy I could eat without touching the food; I hold the wrapper and these go perfectly in my rollator. LOVE.

2. Boden

I’m a bit clothes obsessed (I can hear my parents and Kevin laughing; they’ll say that’s an understatement). I loved this company pre-surgery; they’re British, so my style and fit perfectly. Plus they’re made super well. Many of their dresses have pockets! Kevin’s neices give me the perfect excuse to shop Mini Boden too.

3. Alt Thai

I’m obsessed with this downtown AH spot, and have been since high school. Everything’s great; I for sure recommend their iced coffee.

Celebrating Lindsey’s birthday in March before all the madness started.

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