Quarantine Life

What more can I say other than quarantine was awful?

People are like “you’ve sort of been experiencing this already” but I struggled too. All my therapies were cancelled, doctor’s appointments I had too. I was pretty social in my recovery and couldn’t go out in the community. But the worst was Kevin and I didn’t isolate together. It was weeks before he came over, wearing a mask the first few times. It was months before he stayed the night. And it was months before I went to the condo.

Nevertheless, I persisted.

I did video chats galore-friends from London and college, my book club and I did a game night with Kevin and his friends.

Chatting with my London FABBA girls!

I kept myself busy with cooking, reading, resurrecting my blog and cleaning out. I did a few video speech therapies, made up a speech and workout schedule, and kept up my planner despite everyday feeling the same.

I napped a lot, went for drives with my parents and we walked outside when we could.

I LOVED this-did you know Movement Revolution is in the Berto Center?

I turned 32 which was weird having to be socially distant.

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