Obsessed 7.17.20

1. Tieks

I LOVE flats. I’m tall, some moments do call for heels but I mostly live the flat life. I’m also super picky; my flats need good support and have to be sturdy because I’m hard on my shoes. Enter Tieks; I’m OBSESSED with this brand. They are great commuting and travel shoes that look good. I’ve talked to a lot of strangers starting out with them saying “are you wearing Tieks?” Yes they are pricy but are worth the investment; I got my first pair Spring 2017 and they’re still kickin’! Go with patent since in my experience they last longer.

2. Megababe

Real talk: I LOVE wearing dresses in Summer but I hate thigh chafe. Cue Megababe. It’s like deodorant for your thighs, apply it in the morning. It really works and I’m obsessed!

3. Happiness For Beginners

My friend Steph recommended this book and it’s soooo good. I’ve read other Katherine Center books and personally am not a fan but this one? Obsessed.

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