Recovery Thoughts Part Two

I often feel backed into a corner. I therefore lash out and can get really mean. I’m not proud of it but my reaction is anger. I’m just so sick of not being able to control my life and being treated with care just because I’m “disabled”.

I’m 32 fucking years old and I can’t take care of my dog completely. It’s just so upsetting that when I move home when I get up in the morning and he needs to go out I can’t take him. Yes I can feed him and play with him. And I know he loves me regardless.

I’m gonna be totally transparent here. If you need encouragement to always ALWAYS have health insurance, pre-insurance my time downtown was $1.2 million. Now of course insurance brought that down. I cannot imagine having that bill…

I remember in high school my typing class. I used to type a lot, with work and personally. I remember being at work one day and testing words per minute with coworkers for fun. Now I have to do online typing tests and 11 words per minute is considered good.

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

4 thoughts on “Recovery Thoughts Part Two”

  1. I so feel you and can relate. I can’t take my dog for walks, I also feel like I am a worthless mom so much of the time as I can’t be a mom like I used too. And with online school, forget it. I was totally taken out of the situation this year because I caused more confusion and stress for my son:(

      1. I’m lucky he was 13 when my injury happened, now 15. And it takes a village. With my dog’s though, they are so good with me. It’s like they know and can sense somethings wrong. It’s so hard and frustrating to not be able to do your normal with them though. Just know they still love you though.

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