I walked last week on my own. That’s a huge deal. Unfortunately there’s a lot going on right now that is making me mad.

#1: I’m SO sick of men trying to control women’s bodies. Frankly, fuck off. There’s honestly nothing else to say.

#2: There’s a lot of dumb shit going on. I heard on a podcast a New York based family drove to Florida last weekend, and my parent’s elderly next door neighbors are going out of state for a family reunion. Guys. This virus does not care it can’t be a “normal” summer. I know this sucks. I get it. But stay at home! Kids should not be doing summer sports or going to public pools. And I keep seeing dumbasses with their mask not covering their nose. Um, hello?

We should not be carpooling without masks. We still should be taking our temperature. This is not over just because we’re over it. Stay smart and alive to enjoy the future.

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