I want to share my love affair with Hamilton. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it, the lyrics so speak to life and it’s playing in my head A LOT.

I’m a musical theatre lover. I myself never acted, but I just love it and this love has been going strong since I was in high school. I’ve planned trips to primary see shows, everywhere I go I consider shows to see. I traveled a lot to New York for work and always encompassed seeing shows. I have no qualms going to a show by myself. I pride myself on show recommendations. I’ve seen some amazing productions and many original casts. One of the best days of my life was theatre related.

The first time I heard Hamilton I was living and working in London. I was on a work trip in Bournemouth and first had to explain to my coworkers who Alexander Hamilton was.

That summer I was on a long drive with friends; my friend Steph and I assigned parts and sang along with the soundtrack.

I did two Hamilton themed rides at SoulCycle and for my birthday Jess played My Shot for arms during Zi Cardio at Mazi.

The night I was admitted I couldn’t sleep so I listened to Hamilton. Kevin told me the soundtrack was played for me a lot downtown. When I first came home we played YouTube during breakfast and of course I wanted Hamilton. On the drive to and from my second eye surgery I played Hamilton, and during I sang it in my head. At therapy for insurance every two weeks they have to test how far you can walk in six minutes; last time I sang Blow Us All Away to myself. I scored 794 feet btw.

I bought amazing tickets for my mom and I to see Hamilton in Spring 2019 that Kevin had to sell. I cried to Kevin that I couldn’t see the show, then it closed.

I’ve seen it four times, including when Wayne Brady was Burr.

Everyone at therapy talks to me about the Disney+ production; I’ve seen it four times (and currently working on five) and what slows me down is a) the length and b) my eye surgery and not being able to watch TV since I was so sensitive to light.

I had a glorious OT session where I talked the whole time Hamilton with the therapist. I’m really getting into the history so no surprise when I had speech homework to pick a now in history article I picked when Burr shot Hamilton in a duel.

My favorite songs are My Shot, The Schuyler Sisters, Satisfied, Guns and Ships and The Room Where It Happens. My favorite characters are Lafayette/Jefferson and Mulligan/Monroe.

There are some “hot” musicals imo not worth the hype (Wicked) but Hamilton without a doubt is that good.

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  1. Okay, I am also a musical theatre lover, but don’t have the talent to be on stage. When it comes to Hamilton, I am not the biggest fan. There are two musicals most responsible for the love I have for musicals now: Wicked and Les Mis. Due to living in Charlotte, I have to rely on Blumenthal to see Broadway Tours.

    Aladdin, Sound of Music, Pippin, Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, Rent, Annie, Fiddler on the Roof are some of the other musicals I love. Part of the musicals I love have never been seen on stage.

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