Having a Fur Baby

On our fourth date Kevin and I spent 45 minutes talking about dogs so it’s no surprise we got a dog. One time after dinner he abandoned me to say hi to a Bernese Mountain puppy. Was I offended? No; the puppy was pretty cute. Hell, we met because in his dating profile picture he was holding his sister and brother-in-law’s dog! The first time I met Jess she was like “I hear Comisky had a role in how you two met,”

Of course I selfied at the desk that day.

I was in New York for work so Kevin and I did the application over the phone (I pre-wrote it out). When it came to hit submit the call dropped and we got disconnected. When we got re-connected the first thing Kevin said was “that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get a dog with you!” True. Story.

We got Glen from Chicago Canine Rescue; adopt don’t shop! He was being fostered by one of Kevin’s coworkers.

Pet ownership is not glamorous. I’ve pulled grass out of Glen’s butt and walked him many a time when I was so tired. The first night we took him home and he promptly went in the office and pooped. Then there was the night the dumbass poked himself in the eye with a stick and we had to subsequently spend the rest of the evening rinsing his eye out with saline. And bathing a dog that just tolerates water is…interesting.

Dogs are also expensive. A few weeks after we got him Glen needed tooth surgery so that was $1200. Sidenote: Glen LOVES the vet and it’s mutual; in his chart it’s noted something like “Glen is awesome.” For that surgery he had to be monitored all day so he hung out at reception. Weirdo. He has bad hips so I know that’s going to be a big reoccurring expense down the road.

Then there’s the upkeep. Glen has insurance, we did weekly walks and daycare; it adds up. There’s his food and of course he gets expensive stuff. Kevin looked at Costco food and I was disgusted; no dog of mine eats subpar kibble!

Glen cannot stand Kevin and I being affectionate. A few weeks ago we were all in bed watching TV and Kevin and I were holding hands. Glen put his paw on top of our hands. He’s constantly making himself middle spoon, and he gets super jealous when Kevin gets here and hugs me hello.

Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glen is basically me in dog form; we both love food and hate being cold. He comforts me when I’m hurting and makes me laugh daily. I like to vent to him. And most importantly he didn’t know I was different post-tumor.

I cried the first time he visited me downtown. When I first came to my parents, I was most of all upset I couldn’t hold him.

Kevin loves this story: one day I was working from home. Kevin came home that night and I confessed “I did something bad” and immediately he replied “you let Glen on the bed!” In my defense I’d gotten home late the night before and needed a nap. And it was a damn good nap.

Twice recently Kevin and I sat on the floor because Glen was asleep on the couch. And my mom had to tend to my eyes; I usually lay on the couch but baby boy was sleeping so I sat instead. Pathetic.

I love my little fur baby and of course spoil him rotten.

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