Obsessed 8.14.20

  1. Away Luggage

I used to travel A LOT. I took both personal and work trips, and I truly believe in the power of carry on luggage only. A few years ago I decided I wanted to invest in hard luggage. I got an Away suitcase and I’m obsessed. These suitcases wheel easily, can charge your phone and the inside is so functional. Go with the bigger carry on. I love love love this luggage. Do you have a favorite piece of luggage?

2. Jojo Rabbit

I originally saw this movie in tthe theater with my mom. I’m obsessed-I laughed, I cried. When it was released I insisted on buying it. I made Kevin watch it and I say to Glen all the time “little boooy!” in the style of Jojo saying “little giiirl!”. Ahhhhhh so good. Have you seen it?

3. Brooks Brothers Shoes

Pre-surgery I was a New Balance girl. I’m VERY picky when it comes to athletic footwear because I’m so devoted to working out. Well. My parents converted me to Brooks and I’m OBSESSED. Best shoees ever and I’ll never go back. I prefer the Glycerins but they’re all amazing. I think I have Kevin on board too. What’s your favorite shoe brand?

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