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I’m 32. I know things.

If you believe you’re slaying, stop reading.

Silence means something. You may think you’re being mature by not saying anything, but you’re projecting you do not care. Goodness I get it. When I’m mad I need time and space to cool down and process. But despite being angry, life continues to happen and you have to be a participant.

Have the tough conversation. Yes you’ll be uncomfortable. But don’t hide behind texting because it’s easier!

Ask before you dole out your opinion. It’s a cliché but it’s true; we’re like snowflakes and are all unique and different. Some people don’t want to know how to, in your mind, improve. And that’s fine.

Learn how to fight. With your partner, friends and family it really doesn’t matter the person. I’ve lost best friends and ruined professional relationships; maybe if I’d known how to fight. This is so dumb but rule #1 is try to not take it personally. Approach it calmly and take in what the other person says. Ask how you can do better next time. Be timely; don’t sit too long on hurt feelings.

Laugh everyday. Life is damn hard. Find a funny podcast or show. Get a pet. I’m constantly laughing at Glen. (Oh God am I terrible mother for laughing at my son? I’m definitely laughing at him, not with him. He just does funny shit).

Believe in something. And don’t be an ass about it. I know super devote people who you’d never know, and then people that throw it in your face and believe they’re better than you.

It’s ok to not be ok. There’s a huge stigma around mental health and we all struggle. Do what you need to do. Vent to friends and family, journal, see a therapist (I do all of these).

Read the news. Yes it’s boring and right now it’s super negative. I hate politics and would much rather read pop culture. But you have to be informed.

Dancing helps. Shake it off and dance like an asshole.

Learn how to share. I’m an only child and I have many good stories. But when I was little a neighbor kid was playing with one of my toys; that pissed me off so I ripped it out of his hands, threw it in my toy microwave and slammed the door. Kevin says sleeping in the same bed as me is like sleeping with a slow moving tornado. My classic move is to steal the covers than roll my body on them so Kevin can’t yank them back. I’m not consciously doing it; I’m asleep! He recently got a wedge pillow and after the first night I asked how it was. He replied “good…but you still managed to take up the bed. I woke up and my arms were hanging off the side.” So don’t be a dick.

On that note, that’s all I got. Go be awesome (not that you weren’t before).

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