Obsessed 8.21.20

1. Dr. Who

Kevin and I are watching Dr. Who; we started pre-surgery and I’m obsessed. The night before my surgery we watched an episode on his tablet, and I had a weird moment of thinking there was a Dr. Who musical episode and Kevin played it for me during my crazy post-surgery time. I know this will be controversial, my order of favorite doctors are: Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi (I KNOW. No one was more surprised than me. I always referred to him as the old guy even when I knew his name. I like him so much because a) I like crotchety old men (when I told this to Kevin he pointed to himself and said exhibit A) and b) *spoiler alert* when he helped Clara when Danny died. Heartbreaking? Yes. So sweet? Also yes.) then David Tennant. I have not seen the lady doctor yet.

I think a big part of opinions of doctors are your feelings about the companions. I didn’t love Rose Tyler and while I loved that Donna didn’t take any shit, she wasn’t my cup of tea. On the flip side I loved the Ponds and Clara.

2. Stay F. Homekins Podcast

Thanks to Kevin I love the podcast Comedy Bang Bang. My favorite comedian is Paul F. Tompkins. Well, he and his wife started a podcast and I’m obsessed. I laughed so hard out loud listening to episode 1.

3. Act Like A Lady

I’m a huge fan of the podcast The LadyGang.

So I just had to read their book and I’m OBSESSED. I listened to it since I was recovering. It’s amazing!

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