Positive Vibes

I was inspired by this post and Kevin; he reminded me some really great stuff has come out of this experience.

Do no get me wrong. This beyond blows. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

I’m gonna gush a bit about Kevin. I know ick poo. Love is gross and mushy! We’ve had some pretty great conversations in this recovery. We communicated well pre-surgery; I know it seems like we’re one of those annoying couples that never fight. But thankfully Kevin’s super laid back, we agree on a lot of big topics, and when we do argue it’s because I’m crazy and OCD and can’t leave things alone.

I love that goober as much as I like him. We’re kind to one another, talk about everything as a team, and have agreed we’ll tackle whatever comes together.

He very well could have left me when this happened; he did not sign up for this and we have zero ties so he could have made a clean break (well there’s Glen but possession is 9/10 of the law…). Instead he’s been without a doubt my biggest rock in this recovery.

I’ve seen unbelievable kindness from acquaintances and friends. No matter in what form people are compassionate and that means the world to me. Near or far, people taking time out of their busy lives. From words to spending time with me it all matters.

Jess, my fitness instructor, volunteered at Shirley Ryan and surprise visited me
Siren Song book club
I visited my work
My office sent me birthday cards
Kate, my twin, at my work husband Adam’s wedding
Kevin turned 30; with the old man and his niece Kylah
My college bestie and OG Ram roomie Monica had a beautiful daughter
One of besties Denise had an amazing baby boy
My London-based FABBA ladies
Quarantine meant we had to book club virtually
My beautiful sorority sister Liz married her prince on Zoom!

I’ve met some amazing people during this journey. People I think I’ll be lifelong friends with.

Amy and “Crazy” Kate 🙂
The first time I walked. At therapy with a PT from downtown
My 2019 primary team; Kate (speech), Erica (OT) and Kristia (PT)

I found Movement Revolution. I’ve always been passionate about fitness. Eric and Austin inspire me every week to keep going and to work to keep building my strength. They embrace my loves of yoga and boxing (yoxing…it’s gonna be a thing). This place is my savior. I feel safe, supported, and ok to be myself.

Falling Forward was gracious enough to give me a grant. The founder is a fellow IWU graduate! I will always support this amazing fund, and I’ll gladly do anything they ask.

I met my amazing therapist; she helped me get through this difficult time and I believe in the power of therapy-sometimes you just need to speak to someone impartial.

I met an awesome and kind stylist. She makes me feel good about myself even when I don’t see it. Yes she *just* does my nails, hair and makeup for weddings. You gotta look good!

This recovery totally changed what I thought my future would look like. But that’s what we do; we adapt. I have ideas how to not just survive this but thrive!

I met mini horses
I found a new love of making art

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Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey and your thoughts. Although I could never totally understand what you have experienced, you did a great job of giving a view of your challenges and the ways you’re dealing with them. ❤️👍

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