Obsessed 8.28.20

The Mandalorian

I binged this with Kevin and it’s amazing. It’s only 8 short episodes so we watched it in a weekend. I’m a pretty big Star Wars nerd so this has been on my list for a while. It’s a compelling story and well done; highly recommend!

The real reason I watched.

2. The Bold Type

My friend Steph recommended this to me. It’s on Hulu and SO good; the three main characters are 3 strong women that are #goals. Honestly this might be the best show I’ve seen.

Now season 4 is…different. #1 filming got halted due to corona so it ends abruptly and #2 I’m not sure if they feared cancellation or were like “shit we need to expand the storyline” but things get weird. So I recommend watching through season 3 then stopping!

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