The State Of Our Country

After I lived in London the first time I heard the National Anthem I cried.

What’s more American than a sporting event?

Yes things are shitty right now. We’re in a pandemic, racism is still huge, our rights stink (especially for women) and we have a dumbass leading our country and fucking everything up.

But. We can’t just give up because things are tough. We must fight, if not for us than for the future generations.

Fact: when Bill Clinton appointed RBG to the Supreme Court the vote was 96-3. Alternatively, the vote for Amy Coney Barrett was divided straight down party lines, 52-48. She’ll have to live with that her whole life.

So be pissed. Do your part, vote and call your senators. But don’t just give up on our country.

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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