Life Lessons

This last bout of depression was awful. But, I learned some good lessons/better ways to approach things. I’m SUPER hard on myself. Celebrating my successes does not come easy to me. It’s not that I don’t believe other people, I’ve just always found my success with a harsh inner dialogue. I never settle for just ok which is why I’ve come so far but also a reason I suffer inside a lot. All that being said:

  1. It’s Ok To Be Tired: I used to really beat myself up that I had so much less energy and needed naps. Kevin though reminded me even ferocious lions sleep a lot. Hell, Glen sleeps a ton. But I’ve also witnessed him run like a bat out of hell. I’ve accepted we can’t all the time have endless energy supplies.
  2. I used to get really annoyed as a physically active person to have to work on things just to get back a skill we take for granted. Then, I reframed my mindset to view it like an athlete training; I view every session as training my body.
  3. I’m super rigid and used to view days that didn’t go as planned as failures, and would get mad. Now I try to be more open to what the day will bring but also control what I can; it might seem bossy but it helps me #getshitdone. Now I still do things super early; you bet your ass I started ordering Christmas gifts a few weeks ago. But being more go with the flow has really helped me.
  4. I was SUPER paranoid about germs with Covid. But then I thought “hey I’m healthy. I have a good immune system built up and I regularly wash my hands.” I still am smart, like I don’t lick a finger to turn a page, but I don’t obsess.

I’m still learning everyday. I hope this helps you; sometimes we just need a new mindset!

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons”

  1. “A goal without plan is just a wish.” Antoine Ste-Exupery.

    You have your goal, you’re acting on your plan, and you are getting closer every day. Hang in there, badass!❤️

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