What I’m Binging


I watched Glee when it first aired. It’s so good! Well, Jenna Uskowitz (Tina) and Kevin McKale (Artie) started a podcast called Showmance. Each episode they do a deep dive and have amazing guest stars. I started a slow rewatch as I listened. They took an understandable hiatus when Naya Rivera (Santana) passed but I forged ahead. I just finished season 3, the best season IMO.

Selling Sunset

My mom’s bestie told me about this show. It’s so dramatic and catty and I love it. I just finished it.

Happy Endings

I LOVE this show but realized I never saw season 3. It’s short, hilarious, and so quippy!

What are you binging?

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Binging”

  1. Loved Selling Sunset, I veged on it with orders to rest. Schitts Creek was another one that was great and I love the Home Edit too. Binged those but didn’t finish Home Edit yet.

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