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Look. I know this pandemic sucks. The new normal is awful. Masks are the worst. When will this end? And now with the second wave, we may be facing another stay at home order. Plus it’s cold now so outdoors isn’t an option.

That being said…you’ve been in lockdown since March 2020 while I’ve been in it since October 2018. I was in Pennsylvania a week before my surgery, and the Netherlands earlier that month.

I’ve had people say some pretty insensitive things to me. I totally know it wasn’t said out of malice but it still stings.

The first is travel. Everyone says they miss it. I have close friends that are retired but had to cancel two trips. They worked hard their whole lives but cannot travel now. For me, I haven’t gone this long without a trip since I was a teenager. I just get offended because this affects everyone.

Second, when this began someone said to “well you’re used to this.” Yes my life changed October 27, 2018. But pre-stay at home I was going to movies, workout classes, dinner out with friends…hell right before the shutdown I took the train downtown with my mom to get lunch with coworkers!

So yes. I’m “disabled.” But I’m still very social and it pisses me off when people assume just because I’m recovering I lounge around. Just like everyone else I am watching more TV and reading more these days. But I’m also dreaming of how things used to be…just like everyone else.

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

5 thoughts on “Stay At Home”

  1. I can so relate to this! It sucks and it’s hard and yes it effects everyone, but for people with brain injury it’s almost a norm except that I can no longer work my one 4 hour shift a week or volunteer for the brain injury program I volunteer for and it really messes with my mental health. I have been reading tons, but then read too much and wipe myself out.

    I have never not traveled like now and it sucks. It also sucks when I see so many in groups and traveling and doing normal life things like this pandemic is over and it’s only getting worst:(

    However I am thankful for what I have learned through this and that is that I was overdoing it and not pacing. I had 4 four hour shifts scheduled to work in March and on day 2 was regretting it as I was spent and symptomatic, Covid shut down my work and I didn’t have to work the next shifts thank gosh!

  2. Anyone who thinks you’re not working hard is clearly mistaken. Not only do you do more than many of us do, you have to work at least twice as hard to do it. ( Twice? Three times? Heck– how can one even quantify?)

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