My Love Of Maroon 5

A few weeks ago I said something about Maroon 5 and Kevin said it’s not his favorite.

Now, everyone’s entitled to their own tastes. I don’t care if we like different music; there are much more important things to agree on.

Me and D at a Maroon 5 concert back in 2013

BUT…next to the Black Eyed Peas they’re my favorite band. I’ve loved them since Songs About Jane. Yes I love top 40. But I also love other music; in fact other than country (come at me) and hard metal I’ll jam to anything. And I danced for 19 years, choreographed, and did dance based workouts for 6 years. And what do we commonly use? Top 40.

Downtown my PT Amy would take me in the hallway, make a Maroon 5 playlist and I’d walk. At Movement Revolution Eric and Austin play it for me.

What’s your favorite singer/band?

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