The Taboo Word: Feminist

I’m pretty chill about many issues but women’s rights get me fired up. I really don’t care about man vs. woman; I just think everyone should have the same rights and it pisses me off when we don’t. I co-led our office as part of our woman’s group but it annoyed me that we needed our own group.

Now I used to work in a very male dominated field. At the time of my TBI I was the only female manager. I often was the only woman on the audit team. I will admit to have used my gender as an advantage; I’ve flirted, played helpless, etc. It’s a man’s world though still, and I’ve learned you can’t always be a badass bitch.

A pro of having a name males usually have is I can “trick” people. Sadly, you get better responses when people think you’re male.

I always speak up and don’t let shit slide; ask Kevin and my dad. But I don’t think you need to hate men to be a feminist.

Pre-surgery I had a successful career, was in a loving relationship, was a fur baby mom…AND I think I was a pretty good friend. Life is hard and you don’t have to have it all but being busy isn’t an excuse. Maybe that’s too harsh but this is an area I feel really strongly about. As Béyonce said “have the baby then go back to business.”

I recently heard the countries that have faired the best with Covid are run by women. *Mic drop.*

I’m not crazy about the label but if standing for women’s rights makes me a feminist so be it.

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