Meghan and Harry

I LOVE the Royals, especially Meghan Markle and Harry. So I HAD to read the two latest books, Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie and Battle of Brothers by Robert Lacey.

Finding Freedom imo is not good and unfortunately we’re finding a lot of it isn’t true. I think we need some time before a Harry and Meghan book.

Now on the flip side I really recommend Battle of Brothers, even if you’re not a Royals fan. It’s really well written and even I learned something! Did you know the Queen’s private secretary Christopher Geidt was fired in 2017 after holding the position for 10 years? His successor Edward Young and Meghan did not get along and it’s said that if Geidt was still private secretary he could have handled this much better. In layman’s terms, Young fucked this up.

My take? This was all handled terribly. I LOVE Harry and Meghan but they aren’t saints. I think Meghan emboldened Harry to do a lot of rash things; you can be upset but during their time as Royals they time and time again did things without asking the Queen first. You do not do that. You’ve got two strong but short tempered people who’s natural tendency with pressure is to react “I’m being picked on. It’s unfair and I’m the victim.”

But the Monarchy could and should have done better. They did Harry dirty. To take away his Royal title and military accolades? Not cool.

Now that last engagement. I think feelings were hurt, the wounds were still raw, and I bet a whole bunch of shit happened behind the scenes. But you knew the world would be watching and scrutinizing every move. I totally respect that they’re human too but that was the perfect time to fake it.

I think everyone needs time; none of this trial year shit and it’ll have to come from the Monarchy. I say at least a few years and honestly it might not be until William is king but I think they’ll restore some of Harry’s titles.

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