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I found this from back in May 2017…enjoy!

Tunes: I saw ‘Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812’ (TWICE) when I was in New York last week and cannot say enough positive things about this show! Based on a tiny portion of ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy this musical focuses on the affair between Natasha and Anatole. The staging is absolutely ingenious, as the entire theatre is set up as a Russian club and totally audience interactive with the actors. No wonder this show is topping the Tony nominations this year with 12 noms! I’ve been obsessively listening to the off-Broadway cast album (shout out to a pre-Hamilton Phillipa Soo) on Spotify ever since seeing the show. The score is rich and moving with deep ballads and super catchy beats. I’m especially captivated with Brittain Ashford who plays Sonya. Her voice is insane; unique and folksy and full of emotion. Her songs give me all the feels. The official Broadway cast album will be released May 19, though a few singles are already available. Start with ‘Prologue’, ‘Letters’ and ‘Balaga’ and prepare yourself to get sucked into the magic of this show! 

Eats: A lot of times I don’t need a ton of variety in my diet. When I find a meal that is 1) delicious 2) nutritious and 3) filling I am on board to eat and repeat. Last week I ate the same breakfast every day. It kept me full until lunch and was a cinch to whip up thanks to making the meatballs over the weekend. Every morning I simply heated up 4 meatballs in the microwave while my smoothie whizzed away. 

Savory Breakfast Meatballs

I discovered the blog Sunday Theory this past week and have been scouring the posts ever since. A lifestyle blog that “celebrates Sunday’s luxuries every day” aka my jam. This roundup post gives me life and I’ve fascinated by this post of the holistic benefits of aloe. 

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