This Year

Real talk. I have zero point zero sympathy about the havoc the pandemic is causing this year.

We have to take this year off. Boo who. It sucks but bemoaning won’t change it.

I’ve been basically setting aside the holidays for two years. Because I was in the hospital/rehab late 2018, when I got home my mom drug out the decorations and we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in spring 2019. The time didn’t matter; I was with my loved ones.

Usually for Thanksgiving we have big plans on Kevin’s side. My family is small but my mom loves Thanksgiving so we do a nice meal. This year we’re doing nothing on Kevin’s side and just our meal. We however aren’t bitching; it’s not worth the stress.

I’m not sure yet our Christmas plans but I’m already listening to holiday music and I’m excited for decorations.

Family is important. Agreed. But don’t be a dumbass and endanger your loved ones just for the sake of tradition. Pop on Zoom and “eat together” that way and stay safe.

I said to my mom recently “let’s not be depressed this year” and she said “ok. I had my worst Thanksgiving 2 years ago, my baby was in ICU and we ate turkey sandwiches from Walgreens.” Covid is no joke. It’s selfish right now to see family, plain and simple.

Yes this is horrible. Find the good and embrace that this year will be different.

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