My List Of Things I Don’t Like

I am old enough to have amassed a list of what I don’t like. I’m actually really open; opinions are just like assholes and everyone’s got them! When I don’t like something I REALLY don’t like it and basically treat it like a personal offense to me.

Snakes. Kevin thinks it’s funny to show me pictures of snakes wearing tophats. Nope.

A Christmas Story.

Black shoes with anything but black tights.

Sandals. I blame dance; I just hate feet!

Annie. As my former roommate said “you’re just a dumb orphan get some parents!”

Summer squash.

Water chestnuts.

Bones and seeds. The only dish I ever sent back at a restaurant was when they accidentally traditional wings instead of boneless. Once a coworker ordered a bone-in fish at lunch just to spite me. A few weeks Kevin and I were eating Cuties and there were seeds. I gagged and spit it out; alternatively he just calmly took it out of his mouth. I can eat ribs I just give the bone a wide birth.

Mess. I kid not; I’m probably the most organized person you’ll ever meet and I cannot handle clutter. In high school for our dance show we each had a laundry basket for costumes. I’d ask my closest friends to organize theirs. Organizing calms me; if I’m ever freaking out just dump some pens in a pile and ask me to organize them.

What really bugs you?

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Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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