Diet For 2021

Every year people resolve to get healthy. We’d get annoyed at my studio since it was so crowded but we knew it would thin out come March. Having January-March be my work busy season worked out because I would basically stop going to studios to avoid crowds.

I’ve always been a healthy eater; in preschool my teacher called me red pepper girl because I brought red peppers as a snack. Honestly if you’re a shitty eater that won’t change January 1st; you’ll be back to eating crap a few weeks in. Let me offer some advice, from both living a healthy lifestyle and from my recovery:

Find what works for YOUR body. I don’t do good eating vegan but respond well to Whole 30. It’s tough AF which is why I don’t eat that way all the time but I like it occasionally.

Slow the fuck down! Recovery really slowed my eating and it’s true, you do need to digest. I promise, you do not need as much food as you think you do. This is a game changer. You can refill your plate if you’re still hungry.

Listen to your body. I used to, mostly because of work, eat a full breakfast before I left the house. Now, especially if we don’t have to be somewhere, I’ll poke around in the mornings and not eat until I’m hungry.

Get those veggies! I have found the key is getting them in all day, starting with breakfast. A big plate of scrambled eggs with veg in them, or live the smoothie life. I’ve been known to nuke spinach and eat it on an English muffin.

You can (and should) eat what you want and never feel guilty. I regularly eat pizza and recently had Chic Fil A for lunch, but I also go #beastmode every Movement Revolution session. Sure I could lose 10 pounds but I love food too much and I choose to not be hungry. I don’t feel bad about that.

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