Wearing Makeup

I saw a post recently in a brain injury Facebook group that said “before I wore makeup everyday. Now I maybe wear it 5 days a year.”

No shit.

Pre-surgery, I did my makeup everyday…because I went to work.

I LOVE makeup. Now, if I have a Zoom call or important event, I plan time to do my makeup. But on days I don’t have plans I don’t bother. Because it’s tough. Doing my makeup requires more time, energy and effort. But to me it’s worth it.

I also am buying products that are easier to use. I now use pressed powder; before I used loose but that’s messy. Kevin’s mom recommended these amazing eye shadow sticks and I just ordered some, and I love lipstick so I identified with my OT therapist to use a lip brush to apply it for more control/I’ve embraced lip pencils because it’s harder now to re-apply.

Always, ALWAYS, do what brings you joy. Even if you have to modify it. Happiness is worth it,

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