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I’m an organized person. That’s a huge understatement. I truly believe I’m a mild undiagnosed OCD (I know being OCD is serious so I am not just being funny). Ask anyone that knows me. A few stories:

In high school I was in a dance group and every year we had a big show. We each brought a laundry basket to organize our costumes. I enjoyed asking friends to organize their baskets.

My best friend shared a room with her sister growing up. A few times when I slept over for fun I’d organize their closet.

Sometime as a youth, I decided to draw all over myself. These photos completely horrify me. WTF was I thinking?!?!

I own a label maker.

My favorite store is The Container Store; I love nothing more than browsing their site for stuff I need in my home to contain things.

Organization is my form of relaxing. When I’m at the condo Kevin asks me what I want to do and usually my answer is organize something.

You may use terms like “crazy” and “not normal” to describe my love of order. And that’s fair. But I’ve been this way my whole life so it’s not weird to me.

So when The Home Edit dropped on Netflix I truly felt FINALLY my people. Never has a show before better summed me up. My love language is actually organization, and every episode was pure joy. I then ordered their latest book. I want to organize everything in my home, I color organized the apps on my phone and it’s changed my life.

Now, I do not have kids nor plan to have them anytime soon. Some may say though kids are messy and you cannot control other people. Well there’s a whole section in the book about being organized with kids. It’s NOT the same but I have a dog that could care less about organization but I manage to organize his shit. So yea. I’m not worried. I love a challenge.

All that being said, if organization isn’t your jam that’s totally ok. I’ll organize it for you : )

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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      1. Same but at target and got so much organized! But it was so needed since we were never fully unpacked and organized since our move a year ago and I love my color coded closet! Never hung my stuff like that before:)

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