Wardrobe: Video Call Bottoms

I love clothes, and after many years have some go to brands. I thought I’d start a new wardrobe series to share my go to brands and design outfit ideas; I have some ideas but please let me know what you want to see!

Now, I’m not working but I do have daily video chats. I understand you can totally look good waist up and not care about the bottom half.

I personally have to wear “real bottoms” which for me means jeans; it’s a mental thing. Definitely pick something with a ton of stretch; you want to be comfy so that means no scratchy stiff denim! I prefer a skinny cut to tuck into my slippers and a mid to high waist so it doesn’t dig into your stomach.

If you can work in comfy bottoms (lucky!) I have a few tips.

#1 to avoid awkwardness if you have to get up wear a solid black pair; the black will look professional. My favorite brand is Zella at Nordstrom; I own 4 pairs of their high waisted leggings.

#2 I highly recommend joggers. They’re comfy but look polished; my favorite ones are by Athleta.

What are your go to video call bottoms?

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