Brain Injuries

Ok. Let me start by saying this SUCKS. I don’t think I’d wish this on anyone, even people I hate (looking at you Trump). Here’s my specific situation: In late 2017 I had 3 very unusual migraines. They’d start impairing my vision, I’d get light sensitive and very nauseous. 2 I was at work and had to go home and 1 I was at Kevin’s dad’s house for Christmas and he had to drive us home. In early 2018 I started getting severe headaches, like get up, take something and then I had to lay back down so I could eventually go about my day. Some days were better; I had three 2-week bouts that we just awful but most days I had to at least take something.

On October 25th, 2018 I got admitted to the hospital. 2 days later they removed a massive tumor from my brain. It was benign, I’ve had I think 4 MRIs since, the latest in December, and they’ve always been clean.

Despite the hell, all the pain etc. I know I’m very lucky.

I’ve met people who’s injuries were malignant and have to deal with cancer treatments and the looming not clean MRI news.

I know people who’ve had strokes and people with Parkinson’s disease where you’re just trying to postpone the onset of it.

I’ve met people that need adaptive gear, like leg braces, or will never outgrow their wheelchair. Despite the fact I don’t sound like I used to and cannot safely walk myself I need nothing. Setting aside this travesty I’m still a very healthy woman.

Life can be so unbelievably hard and unfair sometimes. But to let all the negative in; why would you even get out of bed? Even though we all have pain there’s always something to be thankful for.

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