People are so abuzz about this show. It premiered December 25th on Netflix, but there was a lot of hype prior to it’s release mostly because it was produced by Shonda Rhimes aka the creator of Greys Anatomy and Scandal. I’m a loyal Greys fan so I had high hopes.

I think it’s complete and utter shit.

I watched the entire series and read the book it’s based on so I’m informed here.

I love London and period pieces. My favorite book genre is historical fiction. I understand just how different things were back then and can respect the seemingly archaic comparison of men versus women.

I thought the scenery was beautiful. I really applaud the writers for fleshing out the story because having read the book it did not deviate into subplots. Although; some were pointless. While I loved the Anthony/Siena story, he obviously can never marry her. In fact in a future book the summary says he marries someone else.I also hated the portrayal of the brothers in the book and enjoyed them here. I understand that in those days a kiss is scandalous which unfortunately means the book’s super slow until page 180.

I felt the two main characters had zero chemistry. I thought the actor playing Simon did a great job of playing mysterious and attractive but Daphne’s portrayal fell flat. Ultimately that’s my issue; to me it was cast wrong, otherwise I’d have loved the show. She’s supposed to be witty but naive; there’s a way to cast that in a way where you can tell there’s a raw and curious side to them just waiting to be drawn out. Take the actress that played Siena. She could have been a prim and proper Daphne while still showing potential.

Another example? Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey. Is that series garbage? Yes. Do I love it? Also yes. I bring this up because you could tell she was naive but had the potential.

Now. The show’s biggest offense. It was toted as being a diverse breakthrough. Shonda is known for breathing diversity into her work. But I’m sorry. Casting one of your leads black and some supporting characters black but the rest and the other main the whitest of white is not diverse. But Logan, it is the 1800’s! One word. Hamilton.

I can recommend so many better shows to watch. If you want a carbon copy it’s the obvious one, Downton Abbey. Or a more racy choice is The Tudors. Do you watch for the….

Sex? Normal People.

Period in time? Victoria.

Length? Master of None, Selena or Emily In Paris.

Why do I care? I’m usually not so vocal. But I was majorly disappointed especially since people are freaking out about how good this is. This is also the subject of my next book club so I’m invested in analyzing.

Have you watched?

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