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It’s an inevitable part of being an adult; attending weddings. I’m not an expert but I’ve been to plenty so I have a pretty good grasp on being a wedding guest.


Dear God DO NOT WEAR WHITE. Look, I get it. White does not equal bridal. But fellow guests may not know that. You’re just the asshole that was rude enough to wear white when you weren’t the bride. This is the one antiquated rule that still always applies. Just don’t.

I’m not confident enough to rock bright red at a wedding but I have seen it done right.

Black is not a no-no in my book; it’s slimming and frankly can hide sweat. But when I do wear black I try to do a none solid (see below) or just accents like a sweater or tights (I have strong opinions about black shoes; don’t get me started).


I’m quite the girly girl so I love a cocktail dress, but a few years ago I wanted to try something different so I picked a jumpsuit. Whatever you choose it should be a step above normal fancy dress.


I LOVE heels. They elongate your legs, they help cap a look, and they just equal fancy. But they hurt like hell. I’m tall so I don’t need the extra height. And least important but a factor is Kevin’s not that much taller than me and I personally don’t like towering over him.

I’ve pretty much made the switch to flats, and now it’s just easier to walk in flats. My go to brand is Tieks.

Hair and Makeup:

I love doing my hair and makeup. But with my recovery I just am not able to do it like I used to. So I have it done professionally and I really enjoy it. Who wouldn’t? One of my favorite parts of being in weddings was getting my hair and makeup done. It’s an extra unnecessary cost for sure and doesn’t always make sense (if you’re out of town for example) but it can be a really nice treat for yourself.


I know that famous quote “take one thing off before you leave the house.”

That’s not how I roll. I do it all; earrings, ring(s), bracelet and necklace. Depending on the outfit 1-2 are statement pieces. I frankly feel naked without jewelry.

Other Tips:

-Paint your nails or neaten them.

-Take a small purse with something in it that can hold your license and singles for drink tips. My pick is this.

Whatever you wear should actually fit you. I usually try to just shop odd the rack but this can be an occasion worth a trip to a tailor beforehand. Treat yo’ self and feel like a million bucks, even though it’s not your wedding!

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