When You’re Feeling Down

Last Friday morning I just was in a down mood. I don’t let this control me but I had a bit of “why did this happen to me?”. Additionally many things are harder than they used to be; just the act of dealing with putting on a shirt that’s folded is extra difficult when it used to be no biggie.

Well I have two go tos to make me feel better.

#1 workout. And when I get mad I must work hard, so I like things like cardio and boxing.

#2 music. I got in the car for my workout and blasted some jams. Follow me on Spotify for my playlists! I’m under loganmer21 : ) Here are some songs that always can amp me up:

THIS. How can you NOT feel like you can do anything after listening?!?!
This is a classic Zi Cardio song.
I hear this and feel like I need to do push ups!
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