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I’ve always been into fitness. I grew up as a dancer (primarily ballet, tap and jazz and I did get up to pointe shoes). As a working adult I made time for lunchtime workouts, did weekly private pilates sessions and relied on hotel gyms and Soul Cycle because I traveled a ton for my job.

If you’re a serious fitness person you have your uniform; what you prefer to workout in. Mine’s a not clingy tank top, usually capris but sometimes 7/8 leggings.

Sports bras: I do not have a big chest. I know that can be a huge consideration and I have zero advice. If that’s not an issue, I really recommend the sports bras from Gap.

Undies: I hate VPL when I’m working out. I wear Gap thongs; the Breathe ones are excellent.

Tops: As I said above, I like a non-clingy tank. I do love promoting the places I love; I buy many studio tops. Otherwise, I go cheap with Old Navy; since I work out frequently it’s not worth spending lots of money on a top.

Pants: I have curves and will never be a stick thin model. I always get high rise pants because of this; it’s just nice to work out without your waistband digging into you. If you want super affordable Old Navy has great options. Better quality is hands down Zella; I love this brand. I own 4 pairs of the black leggings alone! Zella is available at Nordstrom and is often on sale. If you want to treat yo’ self I’m obsessed with the Carbon 38 liquid leggings.

Shoes: I’m extremely fussy when it comes to my footwear. I, from experience, couldn’t just wear any ol’ shoe Pre-surgery, my go to was New Balance. Over a year ago, I converted to Brooks (the Glycerin) and couldn’t be happier. I first went to a specialty shop and got properly fitted.

Yes, shoes are expensive and do wear out. But a good fitting shoe is SO important. My tips? Only wear your shoes for your work out; wear a different pair to and from and invest in two pairs so you can switch off wears.

Other tips:

Pacifica makes an amazing deodorant wipe that is sold at Target.

-I’m SUPER picky when it comes to water bottles. I hate just an open hole; I’m a putz and pre-surgery I would spill. Now it’s just not an option; I use a S’well with a straw at Movement Revolution. I also like Camelbak.

These hair ties don’t crease your hair.

-I used to be one of those weirdos that wore makeup to class. I had to have a face on; I recommend a tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara and a tinted lip balm.

-A really awesome all around brand is Athleta. They have an outstanding company stance, I own both workout clothes and just day wear and it’s staples in my wardrobe. They also make the masks I swear by and wear to work out in!

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