Music To Bike To

After a class in New York; I was there for work

I usually use the Pelaton app; I’m no stranger to a biking class, their instructors are amazing and I work harder with someone pushing me.

In Summer 2018 I went on a trip with friends to Boston and got up early one day to squeeze in a class!

But some days I’m just in the mood to crank some tunes. I prefer something with a bangin’ chorus or a slower jam where you can turn up the resistance (at SoulCycle they’d say like you’re pedaling through mud).

Pre-Covid I used the bike at the park.

Here are some faves:

This is my jam; I remember dancing to this with a friend on a train platform in England.
My go to work out song; I would put it on to run to on a treadmill often.
Sidenote: Look up the London cast of Hamilton dancing to this-AMAZING.
OMG this musical…SO good and this is a great song to bike to.
Ok this was a classic Soul Cycle song; sprint on the chorus, preferably out of the saddle.
You need 1 Bey song on a work out playlist.
You cannot hear this and NOT move.

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