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I’ve had so much fun curating these posts. Here’s the rest of this series:

Video Call Bottoms



The last post will be on a very prominent part of many people’s day; work. My job was in the business world; for client visits we had to wear business casual. In recent years at the office we switched to casual which I was not a fan of; I enjoy dressing up.

That being said, I’ll try to cover the whole spectrum.

Tops: I’m not a classic button down gal. Same with blazers. They can be restrictive and it’s hard to find good fitting ones. If you must have some, I recommend Ann Taylor or Banana Republic. They have many great options, are better quality but not outrageously priced. I love Boden blouses, Everlane makes good tops or always Nordstrom.

Bottoms: I kind of hate dress pants. Many are too wide legged and I always battled against the length. If I had to wear pants I’d usually go capri but I was always more of a dress/skirt wearer. In colder months, you could pair it with black tights which were so much easier to swap shoes in; I pretty much lived in tights from October to March.My faves I bought abroad otherwise I’d recommend them! My picks for dresses are Boden, LOFT, Nordstrom Rack. I’ve also found some favorites at Dress Barn.

Shoes: As mentioned in my wedding wear post I’m more of a flats person and my go to are Tieks. For heels I love Clarks brand (Zappos) and these TOMS shoes.

Accessories: In 2012, since I had been working my first full time job for a few months, I invested in a Burberry watch. It was on sale. Fast forward to 2021 and it’s still a beloved piece. I chose to wear pieces with meaning to me, and I really don’t change day to day. I like Kendra Scott earrings, thin dainty rings off of Etsy as inspired by Meghan Markle (see below) and an understated necklace Kevin gave me.

Other Tips:

-Hair: I feel like, since I gave very curly hair, I can comment on this. I do not think you must straighten your hair; curls can be professional. Both going to the office and to clients, I’d wear curls. However, whatever you chose you have to spend some time on your hair. It’s work; you cannot just roll out of bed. Straightening my hair stinks because it fights being straight so I lean into the curl. I love my curling iron! This is my favorite; the rotating is a game changer.

-Makeup: You don’t need a full face but again you need to spend some time. My picks? CC cream, living luminizer, blush, eye shadow stick, mascara, gel pot eyeliner, and lip balm.

-I have clothing ADD. Sometimes I do Rent The Runway; it’s extra to stay on top of but something fun.

-I also love Stitch Fix; the stylists are so good and you can be specific as to what you want!

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