My Personal Cause: Hunger

Historically I’ve personally been passionate about animals. I’m not knocking people, that’s just not where my passion is.

I used to volunteer for PAWS; I stopped because honestly it was too hard for me to be around dogs but know I couldn’t have one. Glen was adopted from a shelter and when I donate it’s to animal groups. And I’ve adopted an elephant; I’ve been doing this for years.

But recently I was watching the inauguration concert and they talked about hunger in America. It’s a serious problem that’s not really shared. I cannot even begin to say how much this fired me up. I absolutely hate being hungry so this really triggers me.

It’s tough right now with Covid and personally mostly what I can do is donate. One year for work we volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It was an easy day; you start off with a brief how to then you get to work. There’s people who work there who are there to explain things to you. We sorted potatoes that day; it was so fun to spend the day talking while working with my coworkers. I definitely would volunteer there again.

How often do we hear about a food drive and go buy the cheapest options, or just using cleaning out the pantry as an excuse to donate to a food pantry? It really pains me that giving food means unhealthy because it’s cheaper. EATING HEALTHY IS NOT EXPENSIVE. Yes obviously there’s fancy “healthy” things that are stupid pricey. But are fresh fruits and veggies expensive? Lentils? Canned pumpkin? And by shopping sales and using coupons…it’s more work but a great way to slash your grocery bill.

I’m starting a new series, featuring recipes that are cheap and healthy. I might push it off a bit; I’m doing Whole30 in March so it may be difficult to look at food I can’t eat. My hope is to share better, healthier but still cheap things to donate.

Also please share ways beyond donating that you know of to help battle hunger in America.

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