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Did you expect me to NOT share my thoughts? if you live under a rock (or are sane and aren’t royally obsessed) it was made official today that Harry and Meghan are no longer royals. Now the timing of this is no surprise; when everything went down it was said there would be a review after 12 months.

I get it. You can’t be half in half out. And you respect the Queen. Did I expect them to change their minds? Absolutely not. Is this right? Again, absolutely not.

I think I’ve already conveyed I’m an Anglophile but just if you’re dubious; I studied abroad there at 19. I lived and worked there for 6 months. I’ve taken many trips to England. I have close friends that live there, one of which I stay with when I visit. All that being said, I’m not just a tourist that loves London.

I recently watched a clip from their South Africa tour. They were miserable. They’re SO much happier now.

A few months ago my British friend, who used to absolutely love Harry and Meghan, said she does not care for them and just how poorly they are viewed over there. I can’t tell you how much that upset me.

The English people are being so unbelievably petty. They keep referring to it as Megxit but it involves Harry just as much. Service is universal and I’m disgusted at the implications they can’t be as philanthropic now. What a shitty and sad way to treat your once beloved Harry.

This makes me, a Royalist, angry with the monarchy and totally question their relevance now. This really shows how cold and cruel the Firm is.

So good riddance, or in more blunt words fuck off. They’re ours now and are going to do amazing things. And they’ll be happy, which everyone deserves.

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