What I Take Daily

I take a shit ton each day; three pills are actually medication but the rest are supplements. I eat pretty healthy and a good range of things so I rely on getting most nutrients through real food. For that reason I’m against just a blanket multi-vitamin and instead pick specific things to take.

Biotin-for hair and nails. This makes a huge difference; I’ve had my hairdresser comment on new growth and my nails are very strong. It drives my mom crazy; they grow like weed but I can’t stand long nails so I’m always asking her to clip them for me. Because I’m basically a child I take gummies and these are so good.

Iron-bizarrely, I might be a little anemic/as women our iron level really fluctuates. I started taking iron a few months ago and holy shit what a difference. I sleep better and need way fewer naps. I just get mine at Walgreens.

Probiotic-I take Align. It’s pricey yes; I get it at Costco. I love sauerkraut but don’t eat nearly enough for a healthy gut!

Vitamin D-when I was discharged from inpatient rehab downtown they recommended vitamin D. None of us Midwesterners, especially in winter, get enough. Back in my early 20’s I remember getting blood work done and I was vitamin D deficient. Again, I take gummies.

Omega 3-I do my best, but I don’t eat fish enough. Plus I read something about omega 3 helping with brain recovery…sold. I gummy this one.

Magnesium-This bad boy can make you sick. Thankfully the one I get isn’t bad. I noticed a very tiny amount of nausea; I could push through but I just take it before bed to be safe.

Magnesium has a bunch of benefits; I take it because it’s supposed to reduce cramps.

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